Zack's life principles. Work in progress.

Heavily inspired by Sam Altman's How to be Successful.

  1. Seek outlier success.
  2. Focus is a force multiplier on work.
  3. Play your game. Shoot your shot.
  4. Have a healthy appetite for breaking the rules.
  5. You can bend the world to your will a surprising percentage of the time.
  6. With pain comes reflection; with reflection comes growth.
  7. Compounding is magic. Exponential curves are the key to wealth generation.
  8. Think long-term.
  9. Believe in yourself, almost to the point of delusion. Self-belief enables you to have contrarian ideas about the future. This is where most value gets created.
  10. Balance self-belief with self-awareness. Truth-seeking is hard and often painful; but it separates self-belief from self-delusion.
  11. Give yourself a lot of chances to get lucky — big risks with outsides rewards. Prioritize long-term gains. Keep life cheap and flexible. You will fall down. Grit comes from learning you can get back up after falling down. Understand the tradeoffs; know they will be worth it — eventually.
  12. Be hard to compete with. If what you can do can be done by someone else, it eventually will be, and for less money.