Gigi Levy-Weiss (Nfx) — 10 places to find product-market-fit

The Playbook

  1. Determine who your customers are
  2. Find their under-served needs or desires
  3. Define your value proposition
  4. Specify and build your MVP
  5. Test it with customers
  6. Iterate fast till you find product-market fit

Where can you find underserved needs or desires?

  1. Taking an existing activity and making it 10X easier (DocuSign, Zoom)
  2. Make an existing activity 10X better (& networked)
  3. Create new inventory to be sold in a marketplace (Lyft, Etsy, Airbnb, Poshmark)
  4. Discover new willingness to pay
  5. Connect a group of people that were not visibly connected before (LinkedIn, Stackoverflow)
  6. Give people a new or easier way to make money
  7. Turn something digital that isn’t digital
  8. Find a way to offer 0 pricing (WhatsApp)
  9. Create a young version of a proven product (i.e. build for a younger generation... Instagram vs Facebook)
  10. Find a new ‘pleasure center’ in the mind